About Drug

About Drugs

Amphetamine - Synthetic, addictive, mood-altering drug, used illegally as a stimulant and legally as a prescription drug to treat children with ADD and adults with narcolepsy. Habit Forming
Marijuana - A plant whose dried leaves from which a number of euphoriant and hallucinogenic drugs are prepared. Habit Forming
Benzodiazepines - Any of a class of heterocyclic organic compounds used as tranquilizers, such as Librium and Valium. Addictive
Methamphetamine - A synthetic drug with more rapid and lasting effects than amphetamine, used illegally as a stimulant. Highly Addictive!
Buprenorphine - An opiate antagonist used in the treatment of heroin or pain killer addiction. Addictive
Methadone - A synthetic analgesic drug that is similar to morphine in its effects but longer acting, used as a substitute drug in the treatment of morphine and heroin addiction. Addictive
Cocaine - An addictive drug that's derived from coca and sometimes prepared synthetically, used as an illegal stimulant. Addictive
Morphine/Opiates - A drug used to treat pain derived from opium, but not an Oxycodone drug.  Includes Heroin, Codeine and Morphine. Highly Addictive!
Ecstacy - An illegal amphetamine-based synthetic drug with euphoric and hallucinatory effects. Used commonly in clubs and parties. Habit Forming
Oxycodone - A synthetic analgesic drug that is similar to morphine/Opiates in its effects and subject to abuse.  Includes Oxycontin, Vicodin and Percocet. Highly Addictive!

Drug Detection Time

Drug Name AbbreviationCommon Drug NamesCutoff Level Detection time(urine)Detection time(saliva)
Amphetamine AMP Adderall®; Amphetamine; Desoxyn®; Dexedrine; Dextrostat®;1000 ng/ml 2-4 Days 1 Day
Barbiturates BAR Alurate®; Amytal®; Phenobarbital300 ng/ml 3-6 Days 1 Day
Benzodiazepines BZO clonopin; diazepam; lorazepam; 300 ng/ml 3-7 Days 1-2 Days
Buprenorphine BUP Suboxone®; Subutex®10 ng/ml 2-3 Days 1 Day
Cocaine COC Crack; Rock;300 ng/ml 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Ecstasy MDMA Ecstacy500 ng/ml 1-3 Days 1-2 Days
Marijuana THC Marijuana; Weed; Pot50 ng/ml 5-30 Days 1 Day
Synthetic MarijuanaK2; SpiceK2; Spice; 30 ng/ml (JWH-018 & JWH-073)  
Methadone MTD Methadose®50 ng/ml 3-5 Days 1 Day
Methamphetamine MAMP Crystal Meth1000 ng/ml 3-5 Days 1-3 Days
Opiates OPI Hydrocodone; Heroin; Lortab®; Vicodin®; Morphine; Codeine; 2000 ng/ml 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Oxycodone OXY Percocet®; OxyContin®; Tylox®; 100 ng/ml 2-4 Days 1 Day
Phencyclidine PCP Angel Dust25 ng/ml 5-10 Days 1-3 Days
Tricyclic Antidepressants TCA Amitryptiline; nortryptiline1000 ng/ml 3-6 Days 1 Day
Propoxyphene PPX Darvocet®(no longer availabel for sale in US)300 ng/ml 1-2 Days 1 Day
Detection times are approximates. Detection times are not guaranteed.